Turf Grass Consulting

The Person  

Sakis Kazamias is licensed Horticulturist, and register in the local Agronomist Council. He studied Turfgrass Management at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA (1994 graduated). During his 20 year professional experiences, he has been appointed by many A’ Division Football teams for the construction of their sports pitches.

Understanding Turf

Turfgrass is any broad leaf plant that can be trimmed regularly to produce a green carpet and recovered once is damage.  The Mediterranean climate is very unique. Very gold during the winter and very hot during the summer. This range of temperatures makes very difficult to grow a healthy grass.   The proper selection of grass variety along with the appropriated soil mixture, ensures a healthy grass development.

In order to maintain a healthy and vigorous sports turf you need to water heavily and mow it intensively. This activity put turf grass under stress  and in in order for it to be strong you  need to feed it very regularly with specific fertilizers. Along with the previous, spaying against diseases is encecial.

Sakis Kazamias assist you cosnstructe your sport pitch within buget and time.

The Services

  • Sports Pitch Construction Consultancy

  • Sports Pitch Maintenance Consultancy

  • Sports Turfgrass consultancy

  • Irrigation System Design

  • Tender Document preparation and evaluation