Landscape Design Build

The Team

The Astiko Prasino team, headed by Mr Sakis Kazamias, is compromised of enthusiastic Horticulturists, Landscape Designers, Landscape Technicians and Gardeners who are dedicated to their work, and clearly manifest their love for gardening with their creations.

As a Team, they add value to their clients, attested by the quality of their work and creating gardens to the highest of standards taste.

Twenty years in the Horticulture industry locally and abroad, render Astiko Prasino one the most experience on the island.

The Philosophy

Combining the Science of Horticulture and our artistic flair, we can created  unique gardens tailored  to the taste and budget for any demanding customer.

Our success in creating beautiful and special gardens is based on technical know-how and sciences, but mainly to the enthusiastic and responsibly team members. We take pride of what we do.

The Methology


Sakis Kazamia’s Team can visit you and listen to your needs, and your own vision of your garden. Taking into this in account you would be offer solutions based on our vast experiances a Landscape designers -Horticulturist.

Above all, Sakis Kazamias Astiko Prasino team will apply the enthusiasm and the dedication to implement all that has been agreed.

They would spread the soil mixture, install the irrigation system, plant the trees/shrubs and if you like us we would maintain it the way we know best.